Level 1. Lean Management Production System

Level 1. Lean Management Production System (former Lean Training in Japan) will give you an overall picture of the elements that build up the whole business system.

This training combines theory with practice and also practical workshops at Toyota’s own training facility. WHAT and WHY are the keywords we focus on this week. What are the elements needed to set up a business/production system? What is it that makes everything “just flow”? Why have they chosen certain ways of doing things, and why not?

For 2018 we offer the following open tours:

 W. 21 (May 19-27) and w. 43 (October 20 -28)

Get ready for a week of thorough learning and insights that no books can ever provide you with! Our senseis will give you knowledge based entirely on practical experience.

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Or why not do as Scania, Cargotec, Gambro, Fazer, Camfil Farr – book an entire tour! All trainings are possible to arrange as  company specific tours where we can adjust to your demands.

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